Whiski Bar & Restaurant – Edinburgh

While strolling the Royal Mile in the evening, we entered the Whiski Bar & Restaurant and immediately felt welcomed. Greeted with live music near the entrance and a lively crowd, the atmosphere had a friendly vibe about it.

We were seated immediately at a table, a little further in, near the end of the bar. The entertainment wasn’t visible, but we still enjoyed being able to listen to the music. They host live Scottish music, seven nights a week!

The ornate wooden bar had a historical feel, offering an excellent array of whisky (over 300 Scotch Malt Whiskies), wine and craft beers.

We were only a few days into our arrival in Edinburgh, and Lori, having sampled a few lager beers the night before, decided she rather liked the Innes & Gunn lager, so she decided to enjoy another! I wanted a whisky with ginger ale, and Famous Grouse was recommended. We were informed that blended whisky is more typical for mixed drinks, and single malt whisky should be sipped from a dram or a glass with a drop of water. I enjoyed the recommendation and ordered it several other times on the trip when I wasn’t sampling about with all the single malt whiskies Scotland had to offer!

Fish and chips, of course, seemed to be the most popular choice at the Whiski Bar but having indulged in some haddock earlier, we opted for something that was a bit different. Not being too hungry, but wanting a snack, I ordered the Charcuterie Board from the Nibbles menu and Lori selected the Whiski Burger with seasoned chips (fries).

The Charcuterie board arrived with a large assortment of meats, condiments and plenty of bread. It looked more like a meal for two! Lori’s Whisky Burger was stacked on an artisan bun and with Scottish beef, haggis, smoky bacon, cheese, smoky whisky and onion chutney.

It was nice to know all the beef, seafood, produce, and breads were sourced locally. Besides beef, they offered seafood such as haddock, salmon, and sea bass. You can check out the menu and details of the Whiski Bar on their site, below.

Whiski Bar & Restaurant-Royal Mile, Edinburgh

We really enjoyed the crowd, the atmosphere, and the great service! I will definitely return, the next time I am in Edinburgh!

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