The Royal Mile Tavern – Edinburgh

After a day exploring the borders region and hiking along Hadrian’s Wall, we returned to Edinburgh at dusk with an appetite for some Scottish comfort food!

Staying just one street behind the Royal Mile, we cut through the close (passageway) behind our hotel, onto the Royal Mile and just a few steps more before reaching The Royal Mile Tavern.

The Royal Mile Tavern is a fine example of a traditional Edinburgh pub. The restaurant was busy and the supper crowd was lively! We were quickly escorted through the pub, and seated upstairs in a comfortable and cozy loft dining area (noting the impressive display of whisky offerings behind the bar as we passed by).

If you stroll through the tavern, take note of the interesting array of collectibles displayed on the walls. I was drawn to the mounted quotes and clock displayed behind the bar (shown in the photo gallery below).

The weekly pie special was the Steak & Guinness Pie, so we both opted for that! The service was quick and we were soon served our crust-topped pie with fried green beans and mashed potatoes. I speak for both of us when I say this was one of our favorite meals during our Scotland trip! Everything was seasoned to perfection and the steak strips in the pie were very tender (and submerged in the best gravy). I am definitely having this again!

Since we arrived at the tavern in the early evening, we weren’t able to take in the live music they host from 10-1 every night…..maybe next time!

The friendly pub atmosphere was most enjoyable and the service was excellent. We will return again, in hopeful anticipation that Steak & Guinness Pie is the daily special!


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