Paisley Close

Paisley Close is one of many closes (passageways) along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Each close is ornate and unique in its own design, and their names are usually associated with the building situated nearby. We loved the intricate carvings, signs, and stories that each one told. Paisley Close was originally owned by George Henderson, who sold the land to Henry Paisley in 1711.

On November 24, 1861, tragedy struck. The 250-year-old building adjacent to the close collapsed, killing 35 people. Then a stroke of good fortune occurred. As debris was being carried away, a young lad was heard shouting, “Heave awa’ chaps, I’m no’ dead yet”. That young lad’s name was Joseph McIver, and his image and words are forever memorialized in the sculpture at the entrance to Paisley Close.




  1. Nicely written, I love Al these hidden tales in Scottish history.
    Can’t wait to go back, miss it enormously, lost my heart to the Highlands, to all of Scotland really.
    Love this tale btw written on my B-day. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog

  2. You are welcome and thank you for your kind words! We love a good tale too. 🙂


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