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Welcome and thank you for visiting ScotlandTravel.blog! We are two sisters with a lifelong passion for Scotland and we want to share our travel experiences with you. Our blog site is dedicated exclusively to Scotland travel, offering traveling tips as well as blog topics about our destinations (with a touch of history thrown in for context).

This site was released in September of 2018 and will continue to publish new blogs on a weekly release schedule. With future trips planned, we hope you will frequent our site and join us in our experiences as we blog about and share images of all the beauty and experiences Scotland has to offer!

Whether you are interested in traveling to or learning more about Scotland, we hope to provide you with interesting tips and useful information. Sharing our experiences is fun for us, and hopefully will help ease your planning or enhance your daydreaming about Scotland travel.

At the top of the home page, you will find Travel Tips with detailed advice about planning and preparing for a trip to Scotland.

Our blogs can be found on the main page as well as in the ARCHIVES and CATEGORIES sections on the right side of the page. Visit our photo galleries to see more about these fascinating destinations.

We recently added a history corner featuring a cast of characters and a variety of topics you will most likely hear about on your adventures. Feeling a deeper connection with the history of Scotland is sure to bring you unforgettable travel experiences. Historical knowledge can enhance your appreciation for local culture, as well as a provide a timeline and context for the many intriguing events and people from Scotland’s deeply-rooted history. We will be adding to this section in the near future as we grow.

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Wendy & Lori