About the Authors

The Sisters

We’ve always loved to play dress up, so when we saw this photo op just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh we took it 🙂

Wendy (on the right)

Greetings! My Name is Wendy Moffitt and I would like to welcome you to our page. It’s always nice to meet fellow-travelers who also have a passion for Scotland. I currently live in the United States, but was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and still remain a Canadian citizen.

I have Scottish ancestry on both sides of my family and have dreamed of visiting Scotland since I was a little girl. My sister Lori and I finally made it to Scotland in the fall of 2017 and fell in love with everything about Scotland. My trip far exceeded any expectations I had. The historical stories that you read about come alive, the scenery is breathtaking and the people are welcoming and wonderful! My only regret is that I didn’t make plans to go sooner! Scotland truly is the most beautiful place I have ever visited! We are now planning another trip for spring of 2019 and see many more trips in our future.

Since our trip to Scotland, I have had so many people approach me that were interested in going to Scotland, wanting to see pictures, asking about the sites we visited, the people, the expenses and so on.  The serious travelers began asking about the logistics of flying internationally, what to take, and where to go. It was exciting to help people and be a part of their process. We really enjoy talking to our friends about Scotland and my sister and I continue to share new discoveries or articles about locations we have been to and more places we want to go. It seems as though we keep getting more passionate about Scotland and want to share that enthusiasm with you!

I really like helping people, so I am excited to help your Scotland trip planning in any way I can. If a trip isn’t something in the near future but you are just interested in Scotland, then come along for the ride! I am excited to share my past and upcoming adventures with you. I also like to explore the history of the places I have visited and I’m REALLY looking forward to blogging about many things. I love the Castles (who doesn’t) and other historical sites, the breathtaking landscapes, lochs (lakes), as well as the captivating history and cast of characters.

We are exclusively dedicated to Scotland travel and would love to hear your comments. We welcome you to our page and hope you share your Scotland adventures with us as well!

Lori (on the left)

Hi, I’m Lori Quigley, and along with my sister, Wendy, we’ll be blogging about all things Scottish that interest us. Since that is nearly everything Scottish, I don’t expect we’ll run out of subject matter anytime soon. We’re focusing on travel, and planning trips around sites and activities that we’ve already seen, or are still on our list. We’ll share things that we wished we’d known beforehand, and things we learned along the way.

After talking about going to Scotland for most of our adult lives, we finally made the first trip last September. It won’t be the last. Our only regret is that we didn’t go years ago; hence our motto, “Life is short. Take the trip!”

We’re already starting to plan for the next time. For me, anticipation is such a huge part of the fun! I hope you will share with us in the comments any tips or perspectives on what we are posting. We’ll share our enthusiasm and passion for Scotland travel.

Turas math dhuibh (safe journey)!